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How To Make Homemade Biscuits Without Baking Powder

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How To Make Homemade Biscuits Without Baking Powder |

Looking for a special treat without having to buy baking powder? Try this amazingly simple recipe for homemade biscuits without baking powder!

How To Make Homemade Biscuits Without Baking Powder Source: Unsplash


With pantry staples like flour, butter and salt all you need are simple instructions on technique and method no special trips or pricey items required!
Making your own biscuits from scratch will give you the satisfaction of knowing exactly how they’re made, as well as introducing some sweetness (or savory flavor!) into your kitchen’s repertoire.

How To Make Homemade Biscuits Without Baking Powder | Source: Unsplash

Read on to discover our top tips for perfecting these pillowy treat delights in your very own oven.

Baking powder is an important ingredient when making biscuits, as it helps to make them light and airy. Baking powder works by releasing carbon dioxide gas into the dough while heating, which causes the dough to rise and gives biscuits their fluffy texture. Without baking powder, your biscuits will not rise properly and will be flat and dense instead.
When making biscuits without baking powder, you will need to replace the leavening agent with something else. A popular substitute is buttermilk or sour cream, which can provide some of the same leavening effects as baking powder.
To use this method, simply mix together your dry ingredients in a bowl, then add the buttermilk and stir until just combined. The dough should be thick but not too sticky.

How To Make Homemade Biscuits Without Baking Powder Source: istock

Required Ingredients for Biscuits without Baking Powder

This amazing recipe only requires a handful of basic ingredients that you might already have in your kitchen.
If not, don’t worry! You can easily find them at your local grocery store or order them online.

How To Make Homemade Biscuits Without Baking Powder Source: Pexels

    • Flour: Utilize all-purpose flour for this effortless biscuit recipe that does not require baking powder, as it yields the perfect dough. Self-rising flour has not been tested for these straightforward drop biscuits.
    • Salt: A subtle touch of salt is necessary to achieve a well-rounded flavor profile that encompasses both savory and sweet notes.
    • Baking Soda: Acquire baking soda, a leavening agent, from the grocery store’s flour section. It is instrumental in making these simple biscuits rise, allowing you to forgo baking powder entirely. When combined with cream of tartar, baking soda triggers a chemical reaction that closely resembles the effects of baking powder.
    • Cream of Tartar: The primary ingredient in this recipe, cream of tartar replaces baking powder. You can find it at any local market.
    • Butter: Opt for either unsalted or salted butter, ensuring its coldness. The colder the butter, the better the outcome.
    • Milk: Choose full cream or regular milk to achieve extra fluffy layers in this recipe. Alternatively, you can experiment with low-fat milk, skim milk, or plant-based milk for this straightforward biscuit recipe without baking powder.
    • Egg: Although optional, I strongly recommend using an egg if you desire a golden brown appearance for these biscuits without baking powder.

Instructions: How to make homemade biscuits without baking powder

  • Preheat your oven to 425°F (220°C).
  • In a large bowl, mix together 2 cups of all-purpose flour, 1 teaspoon of baking soda, and 1 teaspoon of cream of tartar.
  • Cut 6 tablespoons of cold butter into the mixture using a fork or pastry blender until it resembles coarse crumbs.
  • In a separate bowl, whisk together ½ cup of buttermilk and 1 egg until smooth.
  • Slowly add the buttermilk mixture to the flour/butter mixture, stirring until just combined and all of the dry ingredients have been incorporated.
  • Place dough onto a lightly floured surface and lightly knead dough until it forms a ball.
  • Roll out the dough to about ½ inch thick and cut into biscuit shapes using a biscuit cutter or glass.
  • Place the biscuits onto an ungreased baking sheet and bake for 8-10 minutes, or until golden brown on top.
  • Serve warm with butter or jam and enjoy!
Biscuits can be a delicious and easy addition to any meal. They make the perfect side dish for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. If you don’t have baking powder on hand, these homemade biscuits without it are still absolutely tasty.
Adding herbs or spices to the dry ingredients is also an easy way to customize your biscuits. Add in some rosemary for an herby flavor or a teaspoon of sugar for a sweeter biscuit. Also, try experimenting with different types of milk like almond or coconut milk to create new and unique flavors.
Have fun in the kitchen and enjoy!

Source: istock

Tips and Tricks

  • Make sure you don’t overwork the dough; this will make your biscuits tough.
  • Don’t forget to preheat your oven before baking the biscuits.
  • If you don’t have a biscuit cutter, you can use a cookie cutter or even the rim of a glass.
  • For extra crunch and flavor, brush some melted butter on top of the biscuits before baking.
  • Make sure not to bake the biscuits for too long; they will become dry and crumbly.
  • Store leftover biscuits in an airtight container for up to 3 days or freeze them for up to a month.
  • Experiment with different flavors by adding in herbs, spices, or cheeses into the biscuit mixture.
  • Try out different types of milk like oat milk or almond milk to see how it affects the flavor.
  • Make an extra big batch of biscuits and freeze them for a quick and easy meal later on.
  • Use leftover biscuit dough to make delicious breakfast sandwiches with bacon, eggs, and cheese.
  • Don’t forget: the most important part is to have fun in the kitchen! Enjoy the process and savor your homemade biscuits.
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How To Make Homemade Biscuits Without Baking Powder |
Making Fresh Buttermilk Biscuits


What is the best way to store homemade biscuits without baking powder?

The best way to store homemade biscuits without baking powder is in an airtight container or plastic bag. This will keep them fresh for up to five days.
You can also freeze them for up to three months. When ready to eat, just thaw and reheat in the oven or microwave.

Can you bake anything without baking powder?

Yes, you can bake a variety of items without the use of baking powder. For example, breads like focaccia and pizza dough do not require baking powder to rise.
Cookies are another item that you can make without baking powder. Just be sure to adjust the amount of sugar in your recipe as baking powder is often used as a leavening agent. When in doubt, consult a recipe specifically designed not to use baking powder.

Source: Unsplash

Can I use flour instead of baking powder?

Consider using self-rising flour instead.
Self-rising flour contains leavening agents, eliminating the need for additional baking powder when used as a replacement for all-purpose flour.

Can I use lemon juice instead of baking powder?

Using lemon juice as a substitute for baking powder is possible. However, it is important to acknowledge that this substitution will alter the dish’s final flavor.
If you do not mind the addition of a lemony taste and have no other alternatives, feel free to utilize lemon juice.

How should I form my biscuits?

To form your biscuits, gather enough dough to easily fit into the palm of your hand. Shape the dough into a round disc about 1/2 inch thick and place it on a baking sheet lightly dusted with flour. Repeat this process until all of the biscuits have been formed.


Through this blog, you can find the answer for “How to make homemade biscuits without baking powder ?”. Baking biscuits without baking powder is not an impossible task. You can use a variety of ingredients to substitute baking powder, including baking soda, buttermilk, yogurt, self-rising flour, and beer. By following these simple tactics, you can still enjoy your freshly baked biscuits, even if you’re out of baking powder.
So, next time you run out of baking powder, try these alternatives and continue baking your favorite biscuits without stress.

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